Directed activities

Directed activities

The Olympic Sport Club organizes different Lloret directed activities:

  • Aerobics

Aerobic session (mid/high difficulty) for advanced students, which involves a high level of cardiovascular work by doing dance moves.

  • Step

Cardiovascular session that includes aerobics and toning work for the lower body using an adjustable platform.

  • Latin Dancing / Zumba

Dancing class (mixed cardiovascular levels) for everyone who wants to have fun and dance to Latin rhythms such as merengue and salsa.

  • Aerobox /Combat

Aerobic training that includes different martial arts using boxing punch bags. An excellent cardiovascular workout and stress buster.

  • Spinning

A directed cardiovascular activity on static bikes, where the expert and the music will invite you to try out new things. The workout level can be chosen by each individual.

  • Just pump

Class focussing on resistance training, which works all muscle groups. The workout level of each exercise can be chosen by each individual.

  • Toning

Directed activity using alternative resources, games and track workouts to get you into better shape.

  • Postural Gym Class

Safe and simple general maintenance class that combines easy exercises to correct your posture.

  • G.A.L.

Localised, specific muscle workout focussing on the glutes, abdominals and legs.

  • 30’ ABS

Specific 30-minute session to strengthen your abdominal, oblique and lumbar muscles.

  • Aqua- fitness

Water activity that combines cardiovascular and muscular work thanks to the resistance of water.

  • Stretching

Session that aims to improve your flexibility, joint mobility and posture employing stretching and breathing techniques.

  • Pilates

Based on breathing and control techniques employing soft, precise movements that prevent injuries from taking place and improve concentration, posture, and muscle strength and flexibility.

  • Circuit training

Aerobic cardiovascular activity that works all muscle groups.